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family martial arts in Syracuse & Fayetteville

Looking for a sport in which the whole family can participate and get fit?

Tae Kwon Do is a perfect family fitness activity. It builds strength, increases flexibility, improves balance, teaches self-defense and improves cardiovascular fitness.

Tae Kwon Do works well as a family activity because it is a sport in which the participant can move forward at his/her own pace. Participants that are already fit and very driven can move through the levels of belts at a faster pace. Others can take a slower approach and move through the belts when their strength, coordination, and skill level are ready.

TaeKwonDo is a great family activity because it is designed for people of all ages and abilities. Families can workout together in the studio, and then practice at home. Last and maybe most important, children benefit from watching their parents participate in physical activity. Fitness becomes something that families “do”, rather than something that parents “talk” about.

Call us at (315) 637-6192 for more information on our family classes!


Our Trial Program for just $19.95 includes:

- 2 Private Lessons
- 1 Group Class
- Uniform
- Tour of our facilities & review of our class schedule

Just fill out the form below, and we will contact you about making an appointment for your first lesson!





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